lunedì, novembre 03, 2008

Holy shit, am I ever sick of the American election

I wonder how many blogs have started with that sentence in the past week, possibly missing the word 'American' in those blogs written by Americans who have no need to be burdened with the possibility other countries manage to carry out elections - but then why would they be so burdened?

After all, the evening after I voted in my own country's election a couple of weeks ago, I felt momentary frissons (while I got plastered in a redneck dive in northern Ontario so Joe Six-Packy it'd make Sarah Palin feel around in her pocket to make sure she was carrying enough change for a rape kit - lousy fucking bitch) over the possibility that perhaps the Greens would pick up a few seats, maybe come close to the balance of power, like in the F-word's country - even that they'd increase their percentage enough in these turbulent times to make the mainstream cocksuckers who run Canada a little more conscious of how they should probably stop fucking our very geography up to sell low-grade oil. So yes. Frissons. But I never felt anything like what I feel now, notwithstanding being fucking sick of the American election: that tomorrow morning I'll wake up to a whole new world.

Their political system is this funny balance of sham and deadly seriousness, after all. The sensible part of my brain tells me that it really doesn't make that much difference which party wins because somehow they accept, as a country, the idea that there are Two Kinds of People and all you have to do to represent everybody is have Two Oppositional Parties, and this has let them be ruled by the same assholes with the same disrespect for labour that have ruled them since the World War II. But the clever cockroach part of me that belongs to a family that managed to scrape through 500 years of organized criminality in southern Italy without getting shot knows that's not true if only because the US remains a country where political assassinations and assassination attempts are part of the process, and why bother with all that if you're only perpetuating a semi-fascist demockracy?

I don't know. But I know I think the system is so rotten that I'd vote for the unknown quantity if I could in the hope that, already willing to take on the personal risk of being the first black president, he'd be willing to do some other risky and inspiring things. And I know that while he's given every appearance of compromising his principles on the campaign trail, the way his opponent has compromised his principles will make life worse for the majority of people in his own country (ergo est women and da gays, 56%). So. Anyways. I'm sick of it.

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