lunedì, febbraio 14, 2011

The tightening bonds of possessions

I have another kayak, which I think I'll call Sheila Rukh Khan, in honour of India's Oprah and of all the smashing Bollywood I watched on the plane ride over here, and the still-relevant Aussie slang for woman. Sheila Rukh Khan is, like Jemima, a Perception kayak, and roundabout the same 4.5 metre length, which is ideal for most purposes.

She goes like a siren and takes turns like a Nascar driver and I love her. I am sort of pissed though - she cost A$900, and came with a crap paddle, and I know that was a bargain because I looked high and low, and it was the best price I could find for a kayak like her. Jemima cost C$600, and came with a nice paddle, and a bilge pump, and a rescue rope, and FUCK ME, Australia is expensive. I am making sure I remember that, as I really want to avoid lifestyle inflation, and in this corporatist cultural wasteland blowing money is the main social activity.

Also, we're looking at buying a house here. We found one we like, and that we can afford (I think), and that we can make some rental income off of even if we decide we hate it here and leave again (increasingly unlikely - certainly for the next three years or so - provided I don't get sacked). Today I'm going to go see if we can even get a mortgage despite our somewhat irregular situation. I have a feeling as soon as those whacking great payments come off my salary every month, I'll stop having to struggle quite so much to remind myself Australia's FUCKING EXPENSIVE.