giovedì, gennaio 31, 2013

That's alright momma

Mum left a freezer full of cookies, cake, tomato sauce, and meatballs. Every time I eat from the stash it feels like a hug and a kiss from her. Astounding how seeing her with Godzilla, and having had Godzilla, and having had her help for a month has made me appreciate her about 1000 times more. And I'd thought I was already pretty appreciative. She's the best. I know a lot of people think that about their mothers, but even other people generally admit my mother's the best. What the poor woman did to deserve a shower of assholes like us I really don't know. Well, I guess Luke Duke is pretty nice.

As I alluded to in the last post, Tweak makes me appreciate her even more. The main reason why is that Tweak just isn't fucking nice to the F-word. It really looks like a case of familiarity breeding contempt somehow, which I thought wasn't something that applied to parents and children. The F-word, as is obvious as I'm with him, is a really exceptional person, and to see that go unrecognized by his own father makes me want to vomit. The other reason why is that I'm never quite sure when Tweak is joking. For example we were, I thought, joking about my pregnancy fat and about how fast Beyonce lost hers, but about three minutes in it became clear he'd thought about it quite calculatingly and was absolutely serious that while she dropped hers super fast due to being rich and having dietiticians and personal trainers, I had a year before people started making fun of me. Ergo est, he wasn't joking. He wasn't trying to be a jagoff either. He was just being Tweak.

And Tweak being here at the same time as Mum made me realize that I'm very, very lucky to have her, and indeed Dad, rather than someone like Tweak, even though I think he does mean well, and even though Mum's tomato sauce shits all over his, despite her being such an English rose. The F-word's family does generally have the effect of making mine look better. Gosh, I miss her. I think Godzilla does too in his senseless, sensual way. He's a little more easily bored today, which makes sense after a solid month of Granny cuddles.

martedì, gennaio 29, 2013


Nothing, not even childbirth, has made me appreciate my mother quite as much as my father-in-law. Thanks, Tweak.