giovedì, luglio 11, 2013


Back on the Chinese, for the last time - work won't pay for any more courses after this one - they've probably figured out I'm not likely to be moving to China -  and it's the last in my Asian Studies cert, and I've got no more fucking time and desire to do another, Godzilla being with us and much, much more fun.

It would be an exaggeration to say it's going well. It's going - that's all I can say for it at the moment. Made possible ONLY by the offices of Granny and Nonno shanghai-ing the boy at every opportunity during this visit. I couldn't be doing this without their help. And I don't feel too bad about it; they are cashing in a tonne of time with him. My father won't come see us in Australia; the next time they see each other, Godzilla is going to be walking, talking; a totally different person in a lot of respects. Better they bank all the baby time now since it'll be mostly over when we're next back.

I'm not doing as well with the Chinese as Godzilla is at becoming a member of broader society but the a-ha moments and established knowledge that are coming on (mostly thanks to a lovely, lovely flashcard programme called Anki) do make me wonder if this is a little like what his brain must be like - sudden connections and clarities in terms of dealing with the rest of us, that are not at all permanently established, and that get confused and ultimately frustrating when he's tired. Without the deadlines, of course, and he's not paying tuition either. Or having work pay it. And he gets a lot more kisses and cuddles.