lunedì, ottobre 06, 2014

The thickets of the forest of things needing to get done

Ugh . . . my to-do list is like a fucking Hydra. Someone bring me a fucking torch and set the fucker on fire. Not helping that we got back just on Sunday night, after a trip that included our airplane catching fire in Frankfurt on Reunification Day night. The holiday meant it took hours to get us all out of the airport and to a nearby hotel. Frankly I'm impressed it happened at all, and that the hotel managed to scrape together a late-night dinner and a sufficient buffet breakfast for 300 unexpected guests. I guess we were lucky the accident happened on a holiday weekend, or there might not have been the space for us.

I'm also impressed by Thai Airways and the Frankfurt aiport for being so decent in terms of travelling with kids . . . people are usually pretty helpful when you've got a little kid - outside of Australia anyways - but they really made life easier for us. Godzilla was a pro, though. Good as gold and actually cried when it was time to get out of the last airplane. With his ease with travelling, I hope he turns out to be a diplomat or an international jewel thief.

Anyways. My point is I have this massive fucking to-do list that sprouts two or three new dos every time a do gets done, and I am trying to mentally prepare myself for the next four months being pretty much like that because that's what moving is - a to-do list that never comes to an end. And I am so fucking tired and jet-lagged. It's not a desperate situation - I've been travelling so much for the last seven years or so that jet lag doesn't totally clobber me anymore. It hadn't been a problem at all for either Godzilla or me for all the other long-hauls this trip. But going from Europe to Australia is a special kind of shitty. Don't know what it is. I've always found it harder to adjust flying east unless I cross the international date line, for some reason. Even Godzilla, who has never shown a trace of jet lag before, has been pretty squirrelly - had to let him get up at 3 this morning and run around while I ate a huge sandwich my jet-lagged tummy was insisting it was time to eat.

So I'm fucking tired, and have this fucking perpetual motion machine of a to-do list, and I'm not that happy to be back. We do have a date now though - sorta - February 10th-ish. That helps. So does coffee and foul language.