lunedì, febbraio 11, 2013

Endless dithering

Counting down to the departure. I always seem to be doing that. Well, hopefully we knock it off since Godzilla will certainly get attached to the next place.

The big holdup is me. We had agreed on normal-hemisphere fall of 2014 so as to avoid having to pay Godzilla's plane fare, and now we have to push that back by months so that I can get citizenship here before we go. Just in case - retch - Godzilla or his eventual sibling(s) think it might be a good idea to move back here permanently and I need to spend a lot of time here one day. And things like that. A few more months and paying an adult plane fare for a two year old would be worth not having such major headaches as an old person.

I feel it's all a touch time sensitive because as little as I want to move during the first months of an eventual sibling's life when Godzilla is rampaging around as a toddler, I also don't want to wait too too long before the next one, being old, and, well, hmm. It'll all take careful planning and workarounds and anyways, I'd always thought a biggish gap between kids isn't a bad idea. In my heart of hearts I suspect three years would be better for Godzilla, and the new one, than two. My main concern is that waiting those extra months would be a wrench for Godzilla as he enters the age of reason. But I suspect it'd be better than having him be Australian.

Anyways, we might have the next one the way nature intended, by accident, any time starting from nine months from the next time we manage sexual congress. I'd always looked askance at people who planned their children and was shocked to eventually be one of them myself.  And who knows. Maybe the next one just won't be forthcoming. I hope not. This motherhood shtick is pretty awesome so far and I'm willing to do it again, and as a grown-up watching my parents age, mercifully slowly, I'm so grateful for brothers . . . I'd be sad not to give Godzilla, and the new one, that.