martedì, aprile 11, 2006

Busy beeeeeee

Yesterday was busy. The day before that was busy, today promises to be busy, and tomorrow will be busy. I don't forecast not being busy until the man I'll call Figaro (the FEB acronym is simply no longer appropriate - from now on when I use it, it'll be in reference to that nice prostitute in Italy who looked like Robert DeNiro) arrives on Thursday afternoon. Mutual busy-ness aside, last night I had dinner with Miss K, an old HR manager and a good friend who used to turn a blind eye when I went napsies in the basement of our old offices. Of course we discussed men and everything else, and it was all very interesting and not fit for print. Except once more it was driven home to me that I give people - even friends - the impression of calm, competent confidence, and that is just fucking hilarious, as I am none of those things. Or if I am, only for five minute bursts.

Anyways, I have to go get busy again. Something that's been helping me with the busy-ness is the fact that I've ended up with the Best. Mix. Ever. on my Shuffle. But if I told you the playlist, I'd have to kill you; this is the sort of shit that could seriously limit the development of the human race in the wrong hands - we'd all just sit around listening to it and not strive for universal improvement anymore. So instead, ripping a page from Mess's book (don't tell me you don't want this), I'll tell you the playlist of one of the CDs I just burned for someone, since the recipient doesn't read this. The CD is such a fun thing to play with. Don't get me wrong - I love being able to carry around a kajillion songs at a time and to play with iPod playlists - but with a 20-song CD, you can get so specific. This one, for example, was meant to soundtrack waking up to oral sex.

What A Wonderful World, Louis Armstrong
Bonnie and Clyde, Serge Gainsbourg
Your Name, Tricky
Bad Boy Clyde, Esthero
You Are My Sunshine, Ray Charles
Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair, Nina Simone
Closing Time, Leonard Cohen
Ballade de Melody Nelson, Serge Gainsbourg
Opium Tea, Nick Cave
Light As The Breeze, Leonard Cohen
Hallelujah, Jeff Buckley
Use Me, Bill Withers
You Got Me, The Roots Feat. Erykah Badu
Sexual High, Marvin Gaye and Radiohead
Are You Lonely For Me Baby, Al Green
Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing, Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell
Can't Get Enough Of Your Love, Barry White
I'll Love You Until The End Of The World, Nick Cave
Lovely Day, Bill Withers
I Can Feel It, Sloan

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