mercoledì, aprile 19, 2006

Okay, all 14 of you . . .

When you watch television, you think you're a customer; that you are who the networks and channels are catering to. But you aren't the customer. You - your attention and engagement - are the commodity. When you pay for cable, it goes to supplier and service companies - not to the channels, not the networks. The real customers of television channels and networks are large advertisers who pay for ad time. Do you see what I mean? Advertisers buy your eyes. They buy your eyes through the intermediary of the television channels, who attract your eyes by putting on shows that appeal to your market demographic.

If you don't have a problem with that, bully for you, you spineless fucking sucker. But . . .

At the end of March, Philips applied for a patent for a device that won't allow you to change channels during the advertising portion of a broadcast (that's a 'commercial break' to all you shiny-box addicted trogs) or to fast forward the ad portion of broadcasts taped with a DVR. Do not let this happen. Do you understand me? Do not let this happen. Because if you, the television public, allow this to happen, I'll stop feeling guilty for my role in the corporate passion play whose plot involves taking advantage of YOU and just figure you get what you're lazy enough to deserve.


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