lunedì, luglio 31, 2006

Mistress La Spliffe is a modern troglodyte

Dear readers, when it comes to modern artsical things, I am not a fartsical woman. I can get my money's worth contemplating the warm visual soak of a room full of Rothkos, but aside from that most modern art makes me bitch aloud about "BOTTICELLI, BOTTICELLI, WHY AM I LOOKING AT A SQUIGGLY CHAIR WHEN I COULD BE LOOKING AT BOTTICELLIS? RESPECT MY EYES, BITCHES!" Orchestral music written after 1930 makes me want to stick knitting needles in my ears, new perfumes smell like dirty whore armpit to me, and as for fusion cuisine . . . outside of a nice cold lychee martini, fuck it in the ear.

But at no time am I more reminded of my complete lack of fartsicality when it comes to modern artsicality than when it comes to modern architecture, which has a tendency to make me fall off my chair laughing or else just make me cringe. However, I'm not blaming mw own troggishness in this case - I'm essentially certain most modern architects' fingers have slipped off the pounding pulse of the artistic life-force and instead are wandering up their own elitist, self-referential assholes.

Case in point - what the fuck is wrong with the French? Shall I hold their hand until they feel better? I'll do it . . .all their hands, from the cutest infant to the most tobacco stained, aged Collaborator . . . and all for just a fraction of the price this monstrosity has probably already cost them. Check out the slideshow, it just gets worse.

In other news, Big Pharma was the boss of me this weekend. That could have just been me being exhausted, though. Anyways it was nice to have a little idleness. I have so little these days - savoured it like Hybla honey.

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Lady ha detto...

what the fuck is that thing? a church?!?!?!?! ah HELLS no. HEEEEEELLS No.

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...



hell yeah, ho.

Sugarplum ha detto...

I followed the link and watched the slideshow. This was not a momentary lapse in judgement. This mistake has been happening since 1971!!!!You'd think someone would have come to their senses during this time and realized that this hunk of cement was not a good idea!

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

I think it's just further evidence of how the French hate God. Just like La Mole.

Jiri ha detto...

I hear you Mistress; maybe the problem is that somewhere along the way artists stopped focusing on things that are beautiful in favour of things that makes them look clever.

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

Wow, in one sentence you just expressed "crawling up one's own asshole" in a way I can express in front of my mum and such people. I appreciate that.

Art is subjective, creating it and relating to it too, but when I see it there's always an element of beauty - whether sheer brute power, harmony, melody, rhythm - something that charms some part of me. And I think that sort of engagement is nescessary - all this fucking building looks like it engages with are the pockets of a bunch of French civil servants.