domenica, agosto 06, 2006

Cruising the gentle dragon

So I stopped the Marvellon and I don't think I've ever been happier to be alive and more good-willing towards my race, besides a deep and abiding shame I feel to be Canadian right now. Thanks a lot, right wing dilettantes. "Ooooooh, we need something a little different. I'm not in the mood for a Liberal government anymore. Harper's not as bad as you think." God, if I hear another person choose who they're going to vote for as though they were choosing a hair colour . . . well, I shan't let them forget it.

Anyways, the Red Dragon has never been so docile, I suppose out of biological gratitude I stopped throwing extra progesterone at it, making it work day-in-day-out. I don't understand why conspiracies to encourage people to go to war are so elaborate, you know; all governments would have to do to is throw an unbalancing amount of hormones into our water supply and read us Italo Calvino novels.

I'm so glad I quit the hormones before my mum was here and re-grew human feelings so we could have a nice time and Important Talks. I got my grandparents some Pohutukawa honey and wished for better. My grandfather has always had the most vicious sweet tooth - he's 97 and still covering everything in sugar - lord. I wished I was going with her, though I don't envy her the trip. You know? Whatever. Now my oldest brother is still here so I'm not going to North Bay for the long weekend at all. Wha'evs. Lots of pretty concerts here this weekend.

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