mercoledì, ottobre 11, 2006


Wah wah wah today. Right whiny, twitchy, annoyed mood. Part of the reason for which, outside of abstract frustration with my race and times, is that today I should be jizzing all over the screen about how awesome last night’s Scissor Sisters concert was.

Yeah, well, fuck you too.

Instead, besides seeing Lady, which was nice, I made vegetable broth and roasted a turkey as part of a successful bid to clean and regulate the fridge. I am not a well-regulated woman, but I’ve realized there’s nothing, when it comes to domestic order, that pisses me off worse than a badly regulated fridge.

I think that’s a double inheritance. First from my English grandparents, who lived through two world wars, the Great Depression and 35+ of retirement and came out of it with large amounts of money because they never threw out food. And second from the Calabrian side that violently objects to eating food that isn’t close to the peak of its flavour. This means a well-regulated fridge is absolutely essential to my peace of mind, or else things get pushed behind things and forgotten, superfluous produce is bought while their pre-bought co-nationalists wilt, veggies in opaque bags get lousy, small condiment jars are neglected behind big ones until one must throw them out - awful.

I can live with the fiercest, stupidest, most egregious messiness and even domestic filth – once in Italy I left a pat of lousy aeroplane dinner butter on my bedroom floor for weeks to see who would be the first person to step in it – but a badly regulated, smelly fridge where things get lost or lose their edible loveliness is an affront to affluence, the benefits of agrarian civilization and my own present poverty.

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Sugarplum ha detto...

So who was the first one to step in it?

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

My roommate. I think she came into the room to make fun of me for being hungover or something too, which made it extra fantastic.

Melbine ha detto...

We're horrible for not keeping up with our produce. There must have been a regulating mood in the air last night, I chopped up all our yummy edible vegetables and made a nice dip and we snacked all night! Much better than Doritos.

I really hope you get a refund for your tickets, or an alternate date!

Sugarplum ha detto...


I make stock on cold days like today to give me an excuse to have the stove on all day. Something about having something warm going in the kitchen that makes the place feel toastier than the heaters seem capable of. That's what sucks about working at home. They turn the heat down during the day (even though they're retired) and I get cold hands from typing. What's up with that?! Know of anything that stimulates blood circulation to the extremities other than exercise?

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

I'm sure it'll be one or the other Mel - thanks for the nice wishes.

Sugar, besides thinking about hot naked men, you could try always keeping a hot drink with you. Ginger tea always makes me feel like my circulation is doing nice things.

Sugarplum ha detto...

I've also recently discovered that keeping my laptop on my lap helps a great deal. So it may blow up - at least it will we warm in here.

You Need A Mess Of Help ha detto...

I've got a lot of time for the Scissor Sisters. I think they're possibly the best actual pop group (ie. actually popular with the public) around at the moment, and very righteous too. Jake's a sweetie too. Like the young Russell Mael, only with less hair and (obviously) talent.

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

Mess, when I see who the Scissor Sisters share chart space with in terms of album sales, I'm flabbergasted.

I think it really demonstrates the general public has a hunger for fun musical drama that they're not comfortable enough with to satisfy, but the singles the Scissor Sisters release are just so unignorable they batten down the hatches. And I like that.

I would have fucking liked it more if I had been to one of their concerts two days ago. Yes, I'm still bitter.