giovedì, dicembre 28, 2006

The Red Dragon is being dangerously bashful

That was nice. Christmas sped by this year, maybe with the awareness that I might not be home next year, maybe because of losing Grandpa this year unsubtly demonstrating you just can't count on everybody being there forevs.

Anyhoo. The brunch was great and the presents I got were phenomenal - including a massage mat I can bring to work and attach to my chair, smoothing over the twilight months of my time with that company by making my co-workers horribly, bitterly jealous. Thanks, Luke Duke.
Among other awesome things, Figaro took and mounted some lovely pictures of my beautiful kitty Lexie. Here she is, taken much less beautifully by me but showing all her feline loveliness.

2 commenti:

Sugarplum ha detto...

What a beautiful kitty.

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

You know, I think so too.