martedì, gennaio 23, 2007

Cities come and cities go

Oh boy. Yesterday I got a new book to read - The Story of French - and the first fifty pages are great. That's in part because I don't know anything about the history of French and almost every other fact is a surprise, but I'm also enjoying the nice, conversational style of writing and the occasional unmistakable elegance of an educated francophone dumbing it down to communicate effectively in English. I'm going to bring it with me to the bullshit conference I'm going to (along with, for the first time, some tupperware to steal the food) as soon as I have a go at applying for one of the jobs I found yesterday that need applying to. I must say the job search has felt a little better since becoming aware that some people are taking me seriously and not just binning the rez and everything as soon as it crosses their desks.

But no, I STILL haven't heard from the ant1-c0rruption people. Sigh. But I'm still looking at ads for apartments in Bru$sels and Berl1n during my downtime. I know it's pathetic, but they have some really awesome apartments and seem to be proportionately so much cheaper than Toronto or Paris. Anyways. Stop judging me. I'm excited, is all, even though the future is no more amorphous than usual.

4 commenti:

Melbine ha detto...

I don't judge you - I mean, who doesn't look at apartments in Brussels during their downtime??

Another conference? Good Lord, are you sure you don't work for the Conference Board or something?

Lady ha detto...

first i'll start judging you, then i'll stop. probably around 10:30 i'll stop judging.

what a crazy woman, that spliffy.

Sugarplum ha detto...

Job searching sucks. Especially now that it is done over the computer and you never get to meet anyone. Before, when it was for stupid part-time jobs and such, you would get a chance to at least charm your resume into the right pile but now you just have to push a button and hope for the best. At least that is how it seems. Of course you distract yourself by looking for apartments in a new city.

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

Some cities are more exciting than others in terms of apartments. Finding apartments in Paris was alawys a fucking high seas adventure so I guess I'm just girding up my loins, or whatever.