venerdì, marzo 23, 2007

Sketchy memories

I've been stoned in three cities in three days! Haven't done that since I was 23 or something, and never done that in Canada. Have I? No.

Let alone in the three biggest cities. Today I'm in Montreal. In Lady's head I think this place is a sketch factory, and she's probably right, but from now on any and all sketch I see will be compared to Vancouver's downtown east, where Elvis's girlfriend works at a kind of shelter. The particular corner in my mind was two users to the square metre, yelling things like "when you die I'll dance on your grave," suggesting just enough hateful, frenetic energy to dance macabre but not enough to kill the person being yelled at. Sketch factor actually exceeded the front grounds of the central train station in Milan after 22 hundred hours, and that's saying a gracious fuckload.

I wasn't scared in Vancouver's downtown east, probably not because of any astonishing powers of optimistic empathy overwhelming my class prejudices and paranoias but because I was with Elvis, who I still worship as a near god. Nonetheless it was very strange and sad indeed, and very sad when Elvis told me I shouldn't have locked the car door when we parked - better to just let the users in without breaking any windows, have a look around at what there was to steal, and leave again when they saw all the nothing.

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Dale ha detto...

That settles it, I want to trade lives with you right now.

Melbine ha detto...

You're really going out with a bang, eh? It is a sad state of affairs when it's better to leave a car unlocked, rather than locked. Or, I don't know - maybe that's a better way to live anyway? There shouldn't be anything in your car that you'd be upset about not having anymore anyway! Except - your actual car. Blah blah..just rambling..

Sugarplum ha detto...

Well you really are heading off to Europe with the best of Canada in mind, aren't you?! I bet it feel great to be temporarily unemployed.

rocky ha detto...

gut smokages!

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

Dale, my life is pretty easy to have. Just throw your priorities into a box, shake them up, and pluck them out arse-backwards, throwing away the ones that are pains in your ass.

Bang bang, Sugar and Mel. I think it was my way of not being able to remember what I was leaving behind. Miss my friends and family pretty bad, but also figuring they're suckers for not being here themselves.