lunedì, marzo 10, 2008

Grunge isn't dead, I just slept in

Last night, saw The Simpsons, season 19, 'That 90's Show'. It was so funny - even in the middle of a giant Simpsons binge that we've been going on almost since the selfsame hour we got back from Düsseldorf, it was so stand-out funny. And now that I've entered the ranks of the target-market bourgeoisie, with a credit card that has no upward limit, and a landline and a cellphone, and stress headaches and one grey hair, and all the rest of it, may I just say: if we must have decade-based nostalgia, it's time for nostalgia for the decade I parted with my virginity in.

So many firsts for me in the 90's - first time I got drunk, high, interested in music, out, away, abroad, put under, put into, surgically enhanced - you know - it's the decade I went from being a rather sweet little girl to being an unstable id-driven sex fiend. And if we have to commemorate decades I'd like to commemorate that one over the 80's or the 70's, when the fun things I was doing were less associated with the spirit of the age, 'Hungry Like The Wolf' consistently being my favourite song since it came out when I was four notwithstanding.

Of course I don't think we should have decade-based nostalgia at all. I think we should just keep liking the things we like from each decade and not try to institutionalize that with retarded theme nights where everybody waits around for the only song they still like from the decade in question to get played, wearing clothes and makeup that reminds them of the glory days of people who they were too young to score with back in the decade in question and who are now too old or married to be sexually interesting.

And no, 'Hungry Like The Wolf' isn't my favourite song - that's a big lie - it was just in that awesome episode about Ralph Wiggum winning the Democrat and Republican primaries:

At the moment, my favourite song is the second track from the new Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds album that I bought last Saturday, but more on that later.

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