giovedì, settembre 11, 2008

Too pissed off to blog

Holy shit. I mean, holy shit. Holy shit. You know, yesterday, when I was dealing with work crap, the thought kept beating through my head - god I wish they'd fire me, god I wish they'd fire me. Today it's a roar - a massive, internal roar. Between you and me, I'm pretty fucking good at my job. I report. Oh, how I report! Like a madwoman. I make connections. I've even brought a degree of clarity to some number-y messes, and numbers and I have had a difficult relationship in the past. And I won't surrender my game, because it would leave the rest of the staff on my magazine, who I like and enjoy working with, in the lurch. All that leaves is being rude to executive management. Luckily, executive management are making it easy by being rude to me.
Anyways. I'm off.

UPDATE: In one of life's great ironies, which the non-Sagittarians of the world call 'luck', the day I come to the office pissed off enough to sabotage any future career I may have here by saying 'fuck' to the CEO is the first day I ever get called up by a headhunter. My head is fine where it is, thank you, but flattering nonetheless.

3 commenti:

Hilts ha detto...

lk'g @ that first line, shouldn't y be too shitted off to blog??

Baywatch ha detto...

fuckem all spliffer. you don't need that shite. this is just a holding pattern. temporary nightmare.

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

'Shit' used in that context is transitive, Hilts, in that there must be an object of the verb 'to shit'. Example: 'My American Corporate Overlords (subject) shit (verb) me (object).'

So the right grammatical construction, if I wanted to be the subject of my own sentence, would be 'I am shat' or 'I am shitted'. Unfortunately that has a different literal meaning.

But to tie in to the poo-theme this blog seems to be picking up on in a big way, let's say the title of the blog should be 'My American Corporate Overlords give me the shits so bad I can't blog.' Unwieldly, but I've never shied away from an ugly sentence and I won't stop now.

You're right, Baywatch. That's a good way of putting it. Thanks for the words of sanity.