giovedì, gennaio 15, 2009

Fun with ethnic stereotypes

1. 6 am, in a dark kitchen. 
Mistress La Spliffe: Want coffee?
F-word: Yeah. 
Mistress La Spliffe: AHH! (backs away from stove) The flame is freaky high!
F-word: Yeah. 
Mistress La Spliffe: Maybe the Russians turned the gas back on. Maybe people all over Europe are burning their eyebrows off this morning.
F-word: Yeah. The Russian practical joke of the decade. 
Mistress La Spliffe: Hah!
F-word: (Eastern Promises-ly) You want gas? We'll give you gas, imperialist swine. Hah. Hah. Hah. What a gas. 
(Ah, but no.

2. The Family Guy is a shitty daisy chain of a series. I don't like it. But when it's dubbed into Italian (I Griffin) it's actually really funny, because the guy they have doing Peter's voice sounds like a complete fucking retard instead of like an American voice actor pretending to a complete fucking retard and obviously doing a much worse job than Dan Castellaneta. My cousin told me that's because he has a Roman accent. 

3. Seven years ago, I asked one of my Korean students how I, a pie-eyed Westerner with no understanding of anything Asian, could tell Korean people from Japanese people at a glance. Credit to her, she took the stupid question seriously, and considered for a moment before she said, "if they're ugly, they're Japanese."

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