giovedì, maggio 07, 2009


Clash of the Titans
The first half was so silly-
God, I miss reefer

Pornography stream
Loaded on my sweetheart's Mac-
I will watch it straight

David Attenborough
gurning at a stinkflower
means less to me now

twirl until I fall over
and hope I feel high

7 commenti:

guilty noodles ha detto...

I thought of you last night... finally smoked it. I think it was super old and took a while to take effect. All I noticed was me swaying A LOT and stumbling around when I shouldn't have. Did it help my head or nausea? No, but perhaps it was far too old to.

Dread Pirate Jessica ha detto...

Yeah . . . if it's old enough, all you're going to get is plain old smoke inhalation. But at any rate it didn't make you lose your shit, so that's a bonus, right?

Baywatch ha detto...

stop by if you need something of more recent vintage, noodles.

guilty noodles ha detto...

really? sweet! we're considering baking, a suggestion from spliffe and i didn't have a source, so this is a great hook up. i'm a little bummed it isn't a deli setting though...

Anonimo ha detto...

Um, vitiman E, rite? Chris did give me a vital tablet ten years ago. And it was good. You should have listen to the Janet Jackson that nite.

I really miss you much. When I think of you. Nah. They don't need the vitiman to rock out.

But escapade? To sound great? Vitiman E, he wrote anonumously.

guilty noodles ha detto...

shut up security.

Dread Pirate Jessica ha detto...

You guys can roleplay the deli.

Just to make it extra kinky, my name is Jessica and my dealer's name was Jesse, so I could almost pretend I was buying weed from myself. Hawt.

Hilts, Janet Jackson is a fucking waste of E. Now the Spice Girls and nitrous oxide, that's a fucking party in my brain and everyone's invited.