mercoledì, giugno 03, 2009

Don't ask any questions

This is the best thing in the world. I feel sorry for children who didn't have Sesame Street.

I guess they had good shit in Britain too, but only Sesame Street is Sesame Street. Who else ever combined black marketeering and illustrating the difference between O's close-mid back rounded sound and the open back rounded sound? In one brief song, they teach you how to speak, spell, and traffic. Three of the most useful things in the world.

I think about that sometimes, you know. With the economic climate being what it is at the moment, with me living on a continent where organized crime has such massive economic dominance. How long before the black market becomes not only dominant, but indispensable? How long before credit problems cause production to slip below consumption, or seem to? My guess is that when taxes are hiked like crazy to pay off the extra-big deficits major governments are running up at the moment as they go a little bail-out crazy, it's going to blossom like a flower. Like in the post-war period here. My guess is that governments will make an effort - a more politically acceptable effort - to recoup their losses by taxing corporations more carefully, and well they should. And then the price of everything will go up - and people will realize they can run an economy more cheaply by themselves, selling things back and forth in cash - and manufacturers will tear a page out of the tobacco companies' books, and find clever and illegal ways to sell things off-book.

It will be a new golden age of crime. But instead of the golden age that just ended - where company management was able to persuade shareholders to pay them massive bribes for just not leaving or breaking confidentiality, when we lived in a blackmail economy; when products were unsafe, poorly regulated and irresponsibly flogged for the sake of share price and government complicity - it will be scroungy and dangerous in a different way, which is much more visibly annoying, especially to a population already rightly fed up to the teeth with manufacturers. And then when people get annoyed enough, the strong men will come, and after them - if there is an "after them" in the nuclear age - what? Perhaps a new, stupid, sickening version of freedom which is actually just a relaxation of any regulatory financial law - just a big corporate free-for-all that rewards utter incompetence as long as it has an MBA, like what has just imploded.

You read it here first. Now do you understand why I want to move to an isolated commune in Australia? Hopefully we can choose the right strong men.

Would you like to buy an O, round and neat . . . a nearly perfect circle, tidy and complete?

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Baywatch ha detto...

is there no organized crime in Oz?

we live in the world of sesame street. still as racy as ever.

Hilts ha detto...

gladstone or whatever his name is has a kool writeup on s street in the Tipping point. ANd Marder had an interesting take on Jutland in Vol.3 of From the Dreadnaught to Scapa Flow

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

There's mafia in Australia, like everywhere, but I think they like their crime more organized there. Judging by their shitty constitution and their Rupert Murdoch.