venerdì, settembre 11, 2009

Everything is still about me

I feel a little better about Jemima because now my mum and dad are both taking her out for paddles quite regularly. I was shocked my dad is taking her out. He has a cat-like relationship with water. But I must have enthused enough because apparently he's taken to it like crazy. That makes me happy. I still miss her but I'm glad she's getting some without me, and say what you will about the inappropriacy of love for inanimate objects, but that's a less selfish emotion than I've ever been able to drum up for any man I've ever nailed.

In other news, much of the major flooding in Istanbul rolled out on the highway between the aeroport and the centre. We've gotten reassuring letters from the conference organizers about how everything is still a go but I suppose I'll reserve judgement until the day before or the morning of. I'll be very sad if I can't go there after wanting to for so long, but I'm not into disaster tourism. All those poor people.

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