domenica, marzo 28, 2010


For awesomest animal ever: the blanket octopus. I'll let you read about it yourself if you like but there are five points that stand out:

1. They are immune to man'o war stings, so the immature ones will rip the tentacles off of the men'o war and carry them around to use themselves
2. They don't defend themselves with ink - instead the female has a great big blanket-y looking thing (hence the name) that she can unfurl to make herself look way bigger
3. The males are around 100 times smaller than the females
4. The males get the females pregant by drifting around until they manage to meet one; he fills up one of his tentacles with jissom, rips it off, hands it to her, and dies
5. They can out-weird Japanese television:

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