martedì, luglio 27, 2010

I only count one Belisarius

Reading Count Belisarius. Almost none of the magic of I, Claudius. I suspect Graves was eating fewer magic mushrooms during its composition, or had eaten too many in previous years. Or possibly I, Claudius was better because Claudius's narrative voice fit in more naturally with Graves' standard narrative voice. I don't know, I think I'll need to read a few more of Graves' novels to be sure. It's not like Count Belisarius is crappy or anything. Good fight scenes, certainly.

Briefly talked with Rodelinda this past weekend, while she visited and amidst dozens of other things, about how I was sort of scared that one day I'd run out of good books to read. Now that I've read Middlemarch suddenly the world of literature looks finite in a way it never did before. She pointed out, in her erudite way, that that was stupid thing to be afraid of. I hope so. I just fucking hate getting stuck with a crappy book; it's like having sex with a stupid man.

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