martedì, settembre 21, 2010

She runs for the shelter of Mistress La Spliffe's little helper

I’ve been dealing with my situation by getting high a lot more than usual, and it’s had the predictable effect of helping me deal with my situation. It could be worse; I don’t mean to whine or complain when I say the present situation is like suffering depression, except that it isn’t depression. It’s just what amounts to an imposed physical and mental mire that’s got all the symptoms of a depression.

My body is either working on the apartment or working on work or trying to sleep 24/7; just like the lethargy. My brain is not capable of dismissing constant thoughts tied up in the quadruplet subjects of giving away my cat, cleaning up my apartment, closing down shop in Belgium (from the paperwork POV alone that’s a full time job) and sorting out work; just like the in old way it’d been incapable of dismissing the drab dark blue thoughts.

(My situation, BTW, is that I allowed the F-word to dismiss his duties and swan off to Rome for a month while I shut this Brussels shit down. Honestly, he deserves and needs it – Rome, I mean - more on that another day. Sometimes I have to remind myself of that, though. Especially now, because his company, help, and amatory skills would have let me pole-vault over all of the mammoth hassles involved in packing up and fucking off so well – well, so well that I wouldn’t be suffering an imposed depression. It turns out getting laid all the time is really great for your brain and then suddenly knowing you're not getting laid for a month is fucking terrible. Who knew?)

Anyways, it’s not so bad, it really could be worse, but the situation is having the very interesting effect of giving me a tourists’ eye view of depression. I’ll tell you, it’s prettier from here . . . Especially since it’s beginning to dawn on me that I’m fucking moving to Australia. Holy shit. Also it’s reminding me why I used to be high pretty much all the time. It really served a purpose. There is no way this shit shouldn’t be available on prescription.

I've suspected for years, I guess, from first-hand experience and from other people's accounts, that reefer does tend to spin out a depression past its sell-by date; I still suspect that. All the same, when you're actually in a depression, well, there you are - smack in the middle, as far as you know. Like being stranded in the middle of a desert made out of molasses. And things like hope, anticipation, and that sort of general effervescent feeling of 'isn't it all rather grand' go off the radar. So at least getting really high adds a certain degree of shits and giggles to the situation, as well as the possibility to remove yourself from it one or two degrees and look it over, albeit imparedly and circularly, with a touch of objectivity.

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