sabato, febbraio 26, 2011

Kim chi and milestones

Today I reached another milestone running - oh, it is nice, when you just start a thing, how practically every time you do it is some sort of milestone - which was running for half an hour without getting a vicious stitch at some point. Nobody seems to know what stitches are but so far I'd been able to just run through them by making sure I was really getting all the air out of my lungs before breathing in again. But they'd always pop on at about minute 20. Not today!

And today was another milestone in that it was a run measured by distance and not time, which you're supposed to start doing when you get to around half-an-hour, but which I hadn't planned to do - I pressed a button I wasn't supposed to on my Blackberry and the chronograph stopped. Anyhoo. 4.3 kilometres. I think normal people who run can run five kilometres in half an hour but I am very, very gentle with myself.

I hope this blog doesn't turn into a running blog, because I have a long proud history of disjointed nonsense I need to keep up. So here's something besides running: we've been functioning without a fridge since moving to L--- by using a chest freezer, ice, and a couple of coolers. It's worked well over the last couple of months, and I resisted getting a fridge for reasons I'll probably share someday, but can't be arsed to now.

Anyways, some friends decided we were being idiots and gave us their old fridge, which I wasn't totally thrilled about but now I can start preserving again. And I have two pots of the prettiest-looking kim chi I've ever bottled going now . . . cabbage is bizarrely expensive here, especially wombok, so I've decided to try using sugarloaf, in the context of this recipe - which I've also adjusted by using hot paprika, since, there being no Asians in this fucking town, I can't get any Korean chili. I suspect it's actually the same thing though. And instead of the apple, I used raspberries. I am so fucking stoked to eat this kim chi - I haven't had any since - oh hell, I don't even know. At least since September. But now I must wait and wait and wait three fucking days until it's ready . . .

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