mercoledì, marzo 16, 2011

Being paid to think

Japan is doing my head in. I guess my natural inclination would have been to ignore it as far as I was able and send some guilty-white-person money if it was a developing country, but because I'm nominally in charge of Japanese coverage for our magazine I can't. I have to pay attention to what does seem to be a nuclear meltdown (the core is partially melted in one of those things; that counts as a meltdown and will be called a meltdown in the history books, and isn't being called a meltdown right now to help prevent the whole world from shitting itself), I have to pay attention to all the dead people, have to pay attention to a big wave of water that swept away boats and buildings like matchsticks.

Luckily we don't have a television so I'm spared most of of film footage but I do have to watch clips filming where factories used to be, and it's devastated enough that your imagination can pretty much fill in the rest. Those poor fucking people. What do you do when suddenly the ocean spills? Holy fuck.


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noodles ha detto...

I try really hard not to think about it. REALLY HARD. And then smoke extra hard.

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

Can't blame you, would throttle for a cigarette today.

Lady ha detto...

i saw some video today on internet tv. imagine a toilet overflowing... you know that moment when it goes over the edge and you're like, "fuck!" and then it overflows and you're not sure if you should just wait and see if it stops or try to unplug it or sop up the mess... well, it's like that except WAY worse.