mercoledì, settembre 21, 2011

Nobody to hide my credit cards

I have bought so many goodies in Canada and I really need to stop. This is getting ridiculous. I mean, I've mostly kept to the list, but I've been awfully enthusiastic about it, and I'm a little concerned that on going back to Australia I'm going to find a host of moral excuses to persist in this conspicuous consumption. Luckily there's little enough worth buying in rural Australia (besides houses, but oh yeah, we've already done that - Jeebus) but that's what the fucking internet is for, I suppose.

Money is on my mind not only because of the wads of it I've been spending but also because I've danced over my budget line because of an unexpected insurance charge and will nearly miss saving the normal amount of money this month. This counts as a budget disaster for me - not having cushioning. Sometimes I wonder where people manage to blow all their money and then I remember that enjoying drugs more than alcohol all my adult life, and spending years of it too fat to enjoy recreational shopping, has saved me a world of financial pain. And then I remember I'm overpaid. Well, not overpaid so much as undertaxed.

I wonder how long Australians will get by getting taxed so fucking little. Because they'll howl like apes if anybody touches their benefits and howl like louder, more annoying apes if they start having to shoulder developed-world tax burdens. I suppose the Australian political mainstream's multi-partisan determination to stop the national economy from being developed might serve some sort of purpose in that sense. Economically, that place is Saudi Arabia without the ban on usury and the cheap petrol.

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e.f. bartlam ha detto...

I'm gonna take the opportunity of this have a tiny vent if you'll allow me.

My Daddy's been stayin with us for the last week or so...I love him, love having him around but, if I hear one more time that I can save a quarter on the Ruffles if I'll get 'em at the Dollar General or, if we still had a Sam's card we could save a dollar on coffee...I'm gonna pull out a ten dollar bill and burn it right in front of him.

Of course given that you're concerned about you're not saving this'd probably be right there with him.


:). Thanks for the space.

Dread Pirate Jessica ha detto...

Considering I'm not saving this month because I've been buying things like silk Marimekko dresses and fancy hermetically sealed glass pitchers for the fridge, I don't think your father would have much time for me.

e.f. bartlam ha detto...

As long as you saved a dime or two on the purchase...that's the main thing. He blew through it the other night on a boomin set of speakers for his flipping I touch...but it was being discontinued know...

A hermetically sealed pitcher might come in handy in some the rooms I stay in.

Dread Pirate Jessica ha detto...

Well, we could probably hang out then. I mean the whole point of me shopping myself stupid in Canada has been to spend less money doing so than I would in Australia.