venerdì, gennaio 20, 2012

So much for principles

I blame you,, you arse. Without warning, the cunts ceased to offer free shipping to Australia for orders over 25 pounds, while I had things for my upcoming terrorism course sitting in my shopping basket. Cunts. Cunts. So then I decided to stop being a noob and to check on Griffith's library resources, which I hadn't had to use yet, only having been in language courses. And found that as a student there I could borrow whatever I wanted, for free. Digitally. Well, there you are. It's done. I'm going to the dark side. Fast. Now. Holy shit, this is awesome. I went from feeling this morning like Amazon being a cunt had cut into the quality of my Antipodean life to feeling like - holy shit - the cost of a university education is gonna plummet.

In a sense it makes me sad because I have a feeling the university life I loved on campus, that helped make me into a person I like and introduced me to so many people who are still good friends, but in another sense, suddenly maybe more people can afford to go to university who can't afford to leave their podunk towns to go to a university town and use their library. I don't know. There's no free lunch, right? I think more people being able to get a university education is probably the greatest good, but if the university lifestyle is lost that'll be a blow to society too.

Anyways, back to drowning in consumer choice. Everybody and his brother is making e-readers now. The question is which to buy, and do I be a wanker and buy an overpriced iPad even though the screens are shiny? Fuck. I don't know.

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e.f. bartlam ha detto...

I love my iPad but, Martha has a kindle and she really loves that thing.

Shipping from Australia to the US is expensive but understandable in a way. What is completely outrageous is the cost of getting things shipped from Canada. What in he'll happened there? I wonder if it's the same to ship things from here to there.

Dread Pirate Jessica ha detto...

I'm not sure what happened. I think it has something to do with surcharges that get slapped on things Canadians order from the States so that now that our dollar equals yours and everything should therefore be so much cheaper than it is in our shops, we don't turn into a nation of people who order everything online, and then there being trade retaliation.

e.f. bartlam ha detto...

It sucks in this direction. I'll see things on ebay from Canada that I'd gladly pay the price for...until I consider the shipping.

In the u.s. if you buy something online, and you are a resident of the state in which the purchase is made, you have to pay State sales tax. If you reside in another state you don't.

Dread Pirate Jessica ha detto...

BTW I got a cheap thing called a Kobo which is working a treat for my purposes - not regretting the iPad. They sell the Kindle here but I don't find their system open enough.