lunedì, aprile 23, 2012


My blood pressure is noticeably down. It'd be nice to know which of the things I was doing to make it come down, if any, are working, especially given the acupuncture costs $50 a week (and that's mates' rates). But I'll just take the "down", and keep not eating salt.

I'll have to keep monitoring it over the rest of the pregnancy, but the one place in town that sells blood pressure machines - the place where I got my rental from - sells golliwogs too. I'm aware of the cultural arguments for golliwogs not being a disgusting memento of a racist past that hasn't quite ended yet. And you know what, if they were for sale in some other country with a different history with its black people maybe I'd be less utterly creeped out.

But considering European Australians have spent their history genociding all their black people off and otherwise being absolutely inhuman in a way that they don't need to face because it's been so thorough there's just a few thousand over left to complain and try to pursue lawsuits (ever heard of the Maralinga tests? I doubt it. A settlement of $13.5 million for a whole fucking community - that wouldn't cover giving one of them cancer in a country where they counted as human. Mind you, they fucked over their own white servicemen too in the service of the Mother Country's nuclear programme, so maybe it can't all be written off to racism).

Anyways, whatever the abstract rightness or wrongness of the continued commercial existence of golliwogs, I'm not giving any more fucking money to an Australian shop that sells them.

One of my colleagues in Shanghai, who I could make two of when I was still fit, had the same blood pressure issue I did, and she and the baby were fine after a non-induced three-week early delivery that turned into a C-section because the baby wouldn't take her silly little hand off its crown. Squidsy's wife, who popped over last night, had undiagnosed high blood pressure and descended into full pre-eclampsia - she got a C-section too, obviously - I guess when you're hemorrhaging and doing whatever other awful things happen at that point they don't wait for it to come out of its own accord. And she and the baby, ultimately, were fine.

I'm finding these stories, especially my co-worker's, incredibly reassuring. I know I could mess around on the internet and find unlimited happy and unhappy stories of how high blood pressure was or was not dealt with by pregnant chicks, and I've done a bit of that, actually, but when it's people you know, it's so much more believable, somehow. So much more real. There are a lot of things the internet can't do. It doesn't help that that all these forums seem to be full of messages from people who can't spell, punctuate, or otherwise write, and who I therefore find unreliable. God, the internet brings out the snob in me.

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e.f. bartlam ha detto...

Actually prompted by you...

My sister was just over, and once again whistfully recounted the delights of c-sections....while her youngest son tried to tackle me for making fun of his shorts.

The link says the Golliwog is a North American must be somewhere outside of the South. Lots of black charicatures (lots of white ones too) but no Golliwogs.

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

That actually counts as reassuring also. Do you know if her blood pressure is generally high, or if it dropped off again after she popped?

I'm willing to sacrifice salt for the health of the Ren but rather more hesitant to not harm myself with it forevermore.

Baywatch ha detto...

fascinating stuff!

e.f. bartlam ha detto...

Straight from the donkey's mouth..."No. As soon as the babies were out my blood pressure went back to normal. With J---, however, my blood pressure got high enough to where they gave me a magnesium drip after he was born. Because of this I wasn't allowed to see/hold J---- until the next morning. That did not happen with R---.

This woman's blood pressure issues are a direct result of a foreign object (i.e. Baby [as opposed to the tracking device placed in her brain when she left her home planet]) being in her body."

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

Oh sweet! Bacon dipped in soya sauce, you're just six and a half short months away.