mercoledì, aprile 04, 2012

The reassurance of pukery

Well. I've now been in Australia for something like 32 hours and haven't puked, or really seriously wanted to, once. Some nausea, especially last night, which I suppose my body has decided is the morning now, but nothing serious. And you know what I think of that? I'm fucking petrified. After everybody telling me it's just gonna get worse for the next month or so, I'm afraid this means there's a problem.

But I'm already tired of thinking everything's a problem. (Also even as I type I'm starting to feel pukey.) There is just so much "information" available about what to panic about, and what not to panic about, that I'm just gonna say fuck it; I'll panic when I feel like panicking, attempt to keep feeling like panicking to a minimum, and just enjoy my massive new porno boobs. Anyways, I've signed on with a local midwife, and Luke Duke's midwife-wife is accessible anytime with a phone call, so it's not as though I don't have experts to refer to when I lose faith in my own gut instincts and the creepily ubiquitous What to Expect When You're Expecting.

One thing I feel a bit funny about is running, not because of the fetus, but because of me. I'm hyperextensible, which has caused more fun than pain in my life, but was behind the tearing of my ACL a few years back, and I suspect is behind some common-ish loose-ligament symptoms I'm feeling now, like sneezing hurting my tummy and odd spots of back pain.

Last night I had grand plans to head to the pool, even though I kind of hate swimming in pools, and then didn't when jet lag hit me like a tonne of bricks around six pm. I guess I'll try a little run on a playing field this morning and see how that goes, but maybe I'll be better off focusing on kayaking and trying to develop a taste for swimming this next little while. Pools are fucking disgusting, though. It's like taking a chemical bath with hundreds of strangers. Eeurgh. At least when you're in a lake or river there are actual creatures in there that keep things regulated, which reassures me even though sometimes, as in Lake Nipissing, the creatures cause mild skin diseases.

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e.f. bartlam ha detto...

I got a torn acl myself...not fun.

It's the strangest feeling when it pops out of place...everything looks fine on the outside...but, on the inside, where you can't's all -------- up.


Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

Mine gave a really audible pop when it tore, which I think everyone in the room heard. No pain at all but then when I tried to walk on it my leg buckled like baby's. I'm pretty sure there are worse injuries - the surgery to fix it was much, much worse than the tearing itself.

e.f. bartlam ha detto...

Mine was ripped apart violently during football practice...with other 12 year olds!! (it's serious business down here).

Surgery was a peice of narcotic cake.

Chris ha detto...

I hope you're sticking to this whole "fuck it!" attitude. It's very healthy. I've never been able to acquire one but if you have any tips, please share.