domenica, luglio 15, 2012

Can't tell me anything sometimes

If I want advice, I have a mother, Google, a midwife, pre-natal yoga and how-not-to-kill-the-baby classes, parents who I know well and admire, and the ability to ask specific questions in search of a specific answer. If I wanted to sign on to a predetermined philosophy of parenting, I would have specialized in babies at school, instead of the best way to invade other people's countries.

Absolutely flabbergasted at how spontaneous advisors feel like their experiences or abstract notions of parenthood are universalizable to all parents. Already bloody sick of it and not quite at month six. To all my friend with babies who read this blog, if I've ever done this to you, I apologize whole-heartedly and thank you for not slapping me, as you were no doubt sorely tempted to do. Please enjoy some schadenfreude as compensation. 

Rant over. I need to get out of France. The advice here is handed out almost as liberally as the second-hand smoke. And Paris is a fucking dump. Snarl.

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