lunedì, ottobre 15, 2012

Counting down

Did you know that you can get really horrible cramps in the tendons going up the side of your leg from your ankle? Cramps bad enough to wake up up in the middle of the night and set you whimpering with pain? Pregnancy is such a litany of physical joys. And within days or weeks (months no more) I get the pleasure of, as one friend who recently birthed put it, "deciding the only way to get through the next few hours is by tearing your own asshole open to push the baby out". We've been doing some perineal massage, which is uncomfortable enough to make me think childbirth is going to be really, really, well - probably best not to think about it.

I finally got Game of Thrones out of my system by watching it all and spoiling all the Song of Ice and Fire books. After a lot of intensive work on it, I really don't give a shit about what happens to anybody on it anymore. This is the only way for me to deal with television - marathon viewings and other various surfeits until I can just move on. I have those two essays for my Chinese politics class to write before I deliver Ren, not to mention work, not to mention all the other administrative-type things I should do now so I won't have to during my confinement. There's no more time for medievalesque nudity, intrigues and swordfights. I really don't understand the appeal of waiting for a television show to air and then watching it and then waiting for the next one. But I've never been one to delay gratification.

At the moment, one of the administrative things I'm doing is wrapping things up in terms of shipping/storing some furniture my grandmother left me until we move back to Europe. The second Google result you get when searching for pertinent companies hooked me up with one 35% cheaper than the one my aunt and mother used. They don't care. They just wanted to wrap everything up. They also came close to accepting a lowball offer on her house, because it was cash. If I ever turn into a real asshole, instead of just an amateur, remind me to cash in on estate wrap-ups. There's something so vampiric about it. My mother and aunt can see what's happening, but they don't care. They're solidly middle class - they don't need money from the estate - they just want to finish up and move on. I'm of the mind that even if you don't care, on principle you shouldn't let people be opportunistic cunts. But who knows how I'll feel when or if I'm in their positions.

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e.f. bartlam ha detto...


That's what we're on now...two episodes a night. Bitches being's awesome.

I have no idea how people wait a week at a time for these episodes.

We got smoked on our house...and to be honest we just didn't care. We wanted out...and it wasn't gonna get much better.

You're right though..there is the cuntish element of those who benefit.

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

Looks like there aren't enough swords and full frontal male nudity for me.

Why were you in such a hurry to ditch your old house? It looked nice.

e.f. bartlam ha detto...

Swords and full frontal male nudity...greedy.

No swords on Revenge. It is Beatrix Kiddo turned loose on Dynasty. I dig it the most.

The house was great...the location was a liability. Jackson is a hot steaming mess. The only solution the city council can come up with to combat the shrinking population and general to call those leaving racists and then raise taxes on those who have stayed.

Besides, after the break in Martha had a hard time being their by herself. I wasn't too crazy about it either.

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

That's a shame.