martedì, ottobre 23, 2012


We are on the final stages of nesting. (That makes me think the baby is probably going to come out today; just about the last chance to catch us unawares. I suspect that's wishful thinking, though.) This is our first and that makes things a little awkward in terms of not really knowing what we're doing. Ex. we have a lovely bassinet-stroller Mum bought us to sleep Ren in but what if Ren doesn't want to sleep in it? And what if we don't want Ren sleeping in it even if Ren likes it because it'd be easier to have the baby in arm's reach in the middle of the night/in the middle of a nap for a feed and a change? So we're getting a crib now that we're going to sidecar to the bed so we don't accidentally suffocate it but can still reach it to pull it over to my boobies. And of course if we have the crib now we don't have to buy it later.

Now this part is annoying. Gently used baby things, which we're largely relying on, are a dime a dozen here, like anywhere I suspect. Possibly more so here, because of the baby bonus - parents get $5,000 dumped on their laps for each kid they push out. That was introduced by one of the right-ish wing parties, by the way, which shows you exactly how much money is floating around this country. So new baby things are wildly inflated in their prices, and used baby things are ubiquitous and cheap. Whatever. I'm not going to get all indignant this morning about how fiscally retarded Australians are. It's good for us there's so much cheap baby stuff floating around. I think the only thing we've bought new is a carseat. That's not the annoying part.

The annoying part is that some friends promised us a crib - absolutely unsolicited, I might add - some weeks ago. Maybe months ago. We hadn't heard anything else since. I called them on Monday to check up on it, because with lovely quality cribs floating around the second hand markets for $50 or less my priority at this point is just fucking getting one and refitting it as a sidecar co sleeper, so if they can't help us that's bloody fine, I just want to know so I can move on with my fucking life. That's not how I expressed it, of course.

The answer was reassuringesque; the family has a surfeit of cribs, perhaps three extra ones floating around, and they want to give us one, and they'll set something up and get us one. Of course we haven't heard from them since. This family has a bit of a reputation for promising things and then floating off with the fairies, which screwed the F-word over a little from a work perspective last week. They have two young kids so one should be patient, but A) I'm eight and a half months pregnant so I'm not fucking patient and B) it irritates me in principle when people make promises they can't live up to, especially when they're unsolicited. I mean, why not just keep your fool mouth shut? Save some time.

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e.f. bartlam ha detto...

There's nothing worse than a friend offering to do something you didn't ask them to...and then not doing it.

They've screwed your plans and you can't curse 'em out.

Gettin' close innit?

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

It's provoking for sure. I could be bidding on eBay right now, planning a trip to the Gold Coast for some Jap food and mockery of breast implants, for heaven's sake. And they probably still feel put upon and reckon that they're doing me a favour.

Not so close as all that. Yesterday morning my blood pressure readings were super-high, so I went to the hospital, where the midwife checked them and they were totally normal and everything was fine. She told me my monitor was probably broken and in fact I was doing so well physically she'd argue against induction if I went a week or two over term. This last little while is promising to be loooooooong and draaaaaaaawn out.