lunedì, gennaio 21, 2013

More motherty

Mum's here, tolerating the record-breaking heat and playing with Godzilla. Godzilla has learnt how to smile, laugh, and talk and sing after his fashion, and it does my dry, cracked, bitter anarcho-syndicalist heart so much good to see her with him - and, good Lord, just to see him myself. I'd love him no matter what he was, but for him to be so lovely; the F-word is pretty great but how did we make such an awesome child together?

You may quote all that back to me in a few months or years when his sass starts doing my head in.

To illustrate parenty and the changes it's wreaked on me: we've agreed on the next destination. For now. Things can change, both in our heads and in the world. We're reckoning Cologne; it's closer to all our friends in Europe, closer to North America, and NRW will probably have better long term prospects as far as Godzilla and any possible future siblings of Godzilla are concerned than Berlin, which had been where I was determined to go. I understand if I wasn't a mother I'd certainly prefer somewhere like Berlin, or Barcelona, or Rome, or some other absolutely fucking awesome city. I also understand I don't fucking care in the least.

Suddenly what is probably best for Godzilla has 100% outweighed the fact that Berlin is cooler than Cologne and maybe I could do more cross-country skiing around there. Suddenly that seems retarded, in terms of priorities. Especially considering Cologne is a city I really, really like. And considering that basically deepest podunk Bavarian yodelling xenophobic Islamturkjudenrausrausrausappenzell is still about fifty times more effectively cosmopolitan than this white trash bogan shithole.

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y.s.s. ha detto...

Ah... Cologne's alright but Berlin is the place to go live.
My eldest - now there's a child to dae yer heid in - has convinced me that you're only half alive if you're not living in Berlin.
Being as old as I am and as resigned to the mortgage and having to feed her siblings, I'm making do with 5 days of really living - and so am visiting in April. Doing it the wimdu way (wow those hosts look hunky and tres gay) and polluting our world with cheapo Easyjet.
She says jobs are plenty. Rents are cheap. International schools and the uni fantastic. Culture absolutely fucking awesome. Especially in the old East.
I've told her to ditch the disgusting gluhwein but I'm into the apple and raspberry shisha.
Seriously - go where you want. That's the good thing about wee ones. They are portable and can put up with a lot.
You write a good blog. Savage. You brandish your intelligence like an FN 57. But with tenderness in places. Still, you scare me.

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

More on that later - for the moment restrained to I don't want to send my progeny to private schools so the international option is just about out, and the public school system in Berlin is chronically short of cash. But the F-word and I still have time to change our minds and will take a trip to both places before deciding. I miss our friends around there something fierce so that's a big thing.

Thanks for the kind words, I like your blog too, though it needs updating.