martedì, settembre 24, 2013

Blessing counting

I have to keep reminding myself how lucky we are. The example that springs to mind is co-sleeping and not falling all over ourselves getting Godzilla on a sleeping schedual. He's fallen into a pretty natural one of three naps a day and a solid night, skipping the odd nap here and there, with no effort on our parts. It's a bit of a knee-jerk to raise an eyebrow - hmm - how many more body parts can I mix into this metaphor - and wonder why other parents fall all over themselves making super efforts to get their kids sleeping predictably. The answer is pretty simple when I stop thinking about it like an overentitled asshole, of course, which is we didn't have to get Godzilla on a schedual, and the fact that we were relaxed probably helped him get on a schedual as fast as babies stressed out parents try super-hard with.

But my goodness, it would be sad if we weren't co-sleeping. No matter how ratty he is during the day (and to be fair, his "ratty" is still pretty good) that time at night when we're cuddled up, and he's all peaceful and making cute little sleeping baby sounds, is always adorable. It's basically eleven extra hours of bonding that parents don't get when they keep their babies in nurseries. I do question the whole nursery concept in any case. I mean, in the six million years of human history, how many have we spent hiding our babies in a different cave when we go to sleep at night? Just seems like something you'd have to be bucking a lot of natural instincts to do.

It does mean you need a lot of other surfaces in the home that are good for having sex on, though. No card-tables-doubling-as-dining-room-tables or oversoft sofas here. Because while I'm sure that in the six million years of human history a lot of them spend it getting busy when they thought their children were sleeping peacefully, I'm just not going to do that.

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Anonimo ha detto...

We're in a very similar situation (co-sleeping and night nursing, flexible work hours, relaxed, no heroic efforts to get our son sleeping on a schedule). But he's often up in the middle of the night for reasons of his own secret devising (even when his diaper doesn't leak). Kids are different; give Godzilla some credit for the situation. :) Anyway, sleeping a solid night may not be what we did in those caves all those years anyway:

e.f. bartlam ha detto...

We got Blake on a schedule pretty quickly and he's gone to bed around 8:30ish since he was tiny but, I've noticed as he's gotten older he really likes schedules. He internalizes them and has very particular ideas about the order and way in which things are to occur.

That may explain the relative ease with which we were able to get him into a routine. We certainly encouraged and cultivated it but, he may have come that way...something he certainly gets from his Momma rather than me.

We did not co-sleep with him; however, we got a kitten last week and he has decided to co-sleep with us. Of course, I have slept with my son before and he never had anything on this 3lb attention wh*re.

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

Yeah, all credit to Godzilla. He's a sweet kid. I wonder if having a fondness for scheduals is going to be his way of rebelling against his dad and me.

You let the kitten into the bed, Bartlam? Fourth guy down the totem pole in your house now, buddy . . .