martedì, gennaio 21, 2014

A love that surpasses all understanding, and also schlongs

Had a lovely weekend with the branch of the F-word's family that is actually really lovely. Of course they are all about Godzilla, when we go there, and that is so gratifying. That is what he needs on this side of the world. . . family who is all about him. Especially since the rest of the F-word's family runs the gamut of useless to worse-than-useless in those terms, besides the F-word's stepfather, who I can't expect is going to be in this fucking business for the long haul. If I was him I would have been out the fucking door so fast and so long ago that it would have changed the course of history because it would have predated both steam engines and doors.

Of course this lovely branch of the F-word's otherwise Zaqqum-like family tree being all about Godzilla speaks to a lamentable lack of babies on said branch. So far, anyways. Hopefully that won't be the case for long. But one of the testaments to life being unfair is fertility problems. So many women who would be such awesome mothers compared to the lamentable ones out there, who have to struggle and struggle . . . or just can't. Just . . . can't. All this joy, all this range of emotion, this beautiful new person who isn't you but who has you in him, all this everything . . . and they just can't. Not for any reason that has anything to do with how lucky a child would be to be born to them.

Having Godzilla doesn't stop me from fearing it on my own account . . . some sort of deep-rooted fear I try not to dwell on, some sort of Niobe complex, maybe. Not just because we'd like some more spawn, except not right now, and I'm getting old. The thing is I'm so happy and I know - just as I know it's not fair that so many women struggle so hard to conceive, or just can't - that I deserve my happiness as little as they deserve their struggle. And not deserving something makes you wonder if you get to keep it. I may not have had a depressive episode in yonks and yonks, but that doesn't stop me from following the depressive tendency to a tee of a sadistic brain constantly forcing worst-case scenarios through an unwilling mind.

Anyways, the whirlwinds of emotion is so huge and so profound and so intermittently super dark and super light around this . . . all while there seems to be no fairness attached. And it does make me understand why religion, before it becomes a political tool, boils down to a sort of fertility cult. I mean, this is life . . . this is what, in many ways, it's all about, and yet it's so random. And for all the modern hand-wringing about an infertility epidemic, I don't believe for a second that it's harder for most women to conceive now than it would have been for most of human history, when women's fertility would get periodically clobbered - probably usually clobbered - by caloric restrictions (I think the average age of lady puberty has dropped something like a decade in the last century and a half alone).

This is probably a preoccupation in the female brain as fundamental and eternal as getting enough to eat and finding a mate with a really terrific schlong - probably more fundamental. Even if it isn't so constantly present in the forefront.

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e.f. bartlam ha detto...

I think any love that is greater than self-love potentially opens the door for dread and paranoia.

I also think Christianity gets right at the heart of what is deserved...the righteous man prays and thanks God that he is not like the sinful, the sinful man begs for forgiveness and it is the sinful man that understands reality. The rain falls on the rich and poor alike...Christ really puts an end to the idea that prosperity (of whatever kind) is a sign of God's favor.

No one is worthy...not one. It's an idea that gets mangled sometimes. If people were all worthless horrid creatures, the idea would have no impact.

It's an extremely important guiding moral principal, I think. I think there's a responsibility to treat fortune as a gift...or blessings I guess...treat them preciously and be generous.

I think Love is the ultimate requires an other...which opens the possibility for a fate worse than death.

The wonder is that more people don't go out of their minds. In fact, you really have to wonder about those that don't. :)

e.f. bartlam ha detto...

I've moved in one last attempt to get the blog to update in people's blog rolls.

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Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

I agree with your conception of Christianity and it's one of the reasons, perhaps the main one in terms of belief rather than faith, I'm still a Christian when there are so many people out there giving the Man a bad name.