martedì, febbraio 18, 2014

I was what you are, you shall become what I am


Had a Memento Mori dream last night - stuck in front of one long past the point where I would have generally considered myself as having adequately remembered the Mori. Woke up feeling, well, like granny I guess.

Just now on the way to German listened to 'Like a Rainbow' and realized I want to have a daughter to the point of tears.

Started potty training Godzilla. That's probably what's bringing all this on. Why shouldn't my beautiful boy do his business wherever he likes? Alas, that's not the reality we live in.

2 commenti:

Erik Bartlam ha detto...

No thank goodness it's not.

Don't worry after he's potty trained he'll start streaking until...well, at least five.

And he'll start having his own death dreams...evidently The Boy has been killed in battle a few times.

I love the idea of having a daughter...but, not enough to take another shot at it. At 41, one five year old is all I can handle.

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

I think the daughter thing, which lasted an hour or so and was surely no coincidence after such a heavy Memento Mori dream, was one of those incredibly selfish, depressive dysfunctional things that hit people once in awhile when they sorely desire a child of their own gender. A conditional immortality, like it's a new version of yourself that you can love and help unreservedly when you don't have much of an ability to love or help yourself. Of course that's not what children are. Describes a pretty crappy parent, though. Oh well. I'm feeling much better now.

Seriously - Godzilla is a million adequate blessings on his own, and if we are lucky enough to have another who is also healthy and beautiful it can be a fucking velociraptor for all I care. But I think it would be good for Godzilla to have a sister, and good for her, if she exists one day, to have a brother; in my experience that mix makes for smarter people.