mercoledì, aprile 23, 2014

Kiddie love

Thailand isn't like anywhere I've been before, and I don't really want to leave. That's notwithstanding that Bangkok is kind of gross, environment-wise. I haven't seen this many rats, nor such big ones, since I was living in Paris, and it is simply too fucking hot - a natural 35 under a heavy blanket of humidity and car exhaust. And I can't eat as my id would bid me because of my allergies.

But everybody is being so sweet to us, I think because of Godzilla, though generally I've never been anywhere where absolutely clueless foreigners (that is, us) are treated with such kindness and forebearance. It's like Spain or something - everybody making such a fuss of babies and being so tolerant of their noise and importunities. I feel sort of bad for raising Godzilla in Australia and planning on raising him in Germany, places that I think have little surfeit love for little people. I can't imagine Germany is worse than Australia - their school system is too evidence-based and fun relative to the Australian ones, that pack them into military formation and chuck the three Rs at their head way too early in a politicized fashion, in the vengeful-on-the-young spirit of "I was miserable at school and so shall my children be, damnit."

More later. I've got a living to earn.

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Erik Bartlam ha detto...

I've mentioned this before but, there's a nationally recognized private school in our area but, after my old mentor at Millsaps college described it as not being like a school in Mississippi ...we never thought twice about trying to send Blake there. He's at a very good school but one with a very good football teams and big playgrounds.

He did ask Martha about negative numbers the other day.

Face it...some things are just better when it's hot and sticky.

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

What does that mean, not like a school in Mississippi?

Erik Bartlam ha detto...

It was more a cultural statement than a comment on the educational merits of local private schools. Though the school is a very rigorous academy. It's reputation is well deserved. was more like a prep school in the north east where he was from. Funny thing about all that has been to watching him become more native over the years. I'm not sure how that statement would strike him now.

Blake's school has a fine reputation as well but, there's also an attempt to provide the same cultural experiences that you find in all schools. Football games (that matter), dances, etc.

It has it's own angles too. Blake, as a kindergartener, and his class are putting on a performance today for the high school seniors and their families. Which seems kinda sweet.

Dread Pirate Jessica ha detto...

That is really sweet. Kids should know each other at different ages.