giovedì, agosto 21, 2014

When I can't say anything nice . . .

. . . I come here.

Have you ever met a total douchebag, and then for coincidental reasons become quite well-acquainted with their family, and their family is lovely so you wonder how the douchebag got to be so douche-y, but then after a couple of years I guess the family gets comfortable with you and you realize where all the douche in the bag came from?

Also, unrelated but pertaining to the same category:

Have you ever met a total douchebag who was actually the sort of really useful person whose social conscience and energy makes the world go around, but is a douchebag nonetheless - not because they give their A-game at work and not at home, but because they get pissed off when they decide their partner isn't giving their A-game at home so they're just a big old nasty hypocrite so far as the people who actually have to spent time with them are concerned?

Anyways, neither of these are really my problems, and the second one, hopefully, won't be anybody's problem soon, at least not in my family.

I'm "home", in Canada, at the mo. Godzilla is having an awesome time with cousins and uncles and grandparents and I'm having a pretty good time. Particularly with my brothers. Maybe having a child has launched me past part of the almost generational gap that had hitherto existed between us. They're a lot older than I am but that "lot" means less with every passing year. Before long we're all just going to be middle aged. Arguably we already are. I don't feel middle aged and they mostly don't look middle aged, and if we can stay off the sauce, judging by the patterns of our older generations, we're not statistically middle aged . . . but there you are. 

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Erik Bartlam ha detto...

Yes and yes but, I have the most extensive experience with one that has no redeeming qualities and is despised by is own family...they cope by spending his money.

The Boy had his six year birthday party a few weeks ago. This being Jackson, it's impossible to get three or more families together without everybody already being acquainted in three different ways.

So, me and the Sister are talking to a woman who goes to church with the sister...her daughter is in class with Blake (one of a handful of girls who are NOT his girlfriend ok). Once she figures out that we are siblings...she asks which one of us is the oldest. HAHAHAAA

My sister is five years younger than me and I have been wearing her out for three weeks now.

Dread Pirate Jessica ha detto...

I wish these big douchebags I know were richer. The people who have to deal with them might have got some benefit out of them then. They barely even function as cautionary tales.

And I can imagine you would be a very aging sort of brother.