martedì, settembre 16, 2014

Grana Padano

We're in Padova, the city I lured the F-word away from almost eight years ago with my post-thesis wiles. And coming to a better understanding of what he sacrificed to be with me. Living in Padova when he was living here was pretty much the perfect time for him to be living here and he only got ten months (four of them with blue balls). No kids, really too young to worry about the absence of social services, and this is a great city, especially for pinkos like us. This sort of intersection between what most people understand of Italy, and of Germany, and some sort of champagne socialist paradise full of bike paths, universities, music and theatre. . . and then all full of Giottos and Roman ruins and 20 minutes from Venice.

Funny . . . I have a pretty well-kept and indexed archive of all the sacrifices I've made for people, and let's be frank, particularly for the F-word. But I'm so good at tossing sacrifices people have made for me into the memory hole.  

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Erik Bartlam ha detto...

I was raised by a woman whose sense of self sacrifice had the size and force of a Peterbilt in a bumper car rink...I got jokes on this one Splif.

I'm going to forgo those...out of a sense of self preservation.

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

Well, I just had a big Skype with the F word expressing my gratitude and acknowledging his sacrifices. Hopefully he had the presence of mind to record it so he can play it back to me when needed in the future.