mercoledì, luglio 06, 2016


I'm having a hard time not blaming the British working class for what has happened there with the vote, even though it's effectively victim-blaming as they'll be the ones most screwed by it.

I understand people are angry, marginalised, hopeless, and feel profoundly stuck - but goddamn it, every leading political voice calling for a Leave vote belonged to some piece of soulless public school vermin from the oligarchy that has been the British working class's natural enemy since the Normans ponced over from France, and they fell for it because, I don't know, darkies and Poles?

Whatever. Besides Scotland and Ireland, may they be operating separately soon, let the fucker burn. It'll make for cheaper vacations when I take the kid(s) to the fossil beaches in the south and northeast.

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Anonimo ha detto...

The largest numbers of folk voting 'Leave' were in the rich affluent South of England. People most likely to vote Leave were rich, mortgage-fully-paid-up Southern 45+ folk - the ones who were middle class before Uni degrees became the new measure of 'middle classness'. These are folk who'd always vote Tory.
It saddens me that the working class are being blamed. But that's the British press for you... from The Guardian 'down'... the scapegoats have been the working poor. There's a couple of very good studies which break down the demographics and which I'll provide links for (once I've got them again - though only if you want).
Yes, the working poor did provide a boost to 'Leave'. But so many were completely disenfranchised by Cameron's latest manipulation of the electoral registration system here - so they weren't registered to vote anyway.
I've howled in complete fucking impotent fury. I've hated and huffed with such contemptuous boiling rage.
Fucking disunited Kingdom.
I'm not even confident of a successful Indyref2 vote for Independence.
Though whatever happens, England is lost to fucking rabid racism - it's sclerotic - it's gone all Trump on us - it's the epicentre of nasty ethnic nationalism - unable to assert any benign national identity - it really hasn't a clue who it is - though too many little Englanders clearly think that England is the whole of the UK or GB or whatever.
I have the Irish passport application in process.

Anonimo ha detto...

One of the links mentioned above:

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

Yes, I figured out I was pretty wrong about this. But I still cannot for the life of me understand why such a pack of toffy wankers weren't given the contempt they deserved.