mercoledì, febbraio 01, 2017


I'm fine. I am more than fine. I'm the mother to the hairy little Monkey King as well as Godzilla. I am the mother of a brood.

Well, two isn't really a brood, but you know, it's totally different from one. More exhausting. More consuming. More beautiful. More existentially worrying and fulfilling. More frustrating. More logistically challenging. It changes my view of what I want from my life and death. It changes things almost as much as going from none to one. And having a sense - a pretty fucking strong sense given the health and financial challenges around another pregnancy - that the Monkey King is going to be our last kid; that gives a different rhythm to life. Now for the rest of my life, which until its end is part of the rest of our lives.

Thank god I have a cargo bike with a baby seat insert or I'd be fucked instead of thrilled. 

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Anonimo ha detto...

Totally different :-)
2 somehow breaks and remakes you - in a way that you could almost sort of live your old life when you had 1, but you can't pretend to try to do that when you have 2.
Or anyway, I couldn't.
Number 2 was a total and complete maniac of a constantly-on-the-move (aka totally frustrated) baby. Whilst number 1 had been - angelically ignorable and undemanding and totally portable.
I remember it all as the happiest scariest most enjoyable days of my life.
And from what you write it sounds like it's good.