martedì, marzo 28, 2017


I can't believe how fast time is moving with the Monkey King's babyhood as compared to Godzilla's. His was languorous almost - in a nice way - and the Monkey King's is speeding by. I can guess why - I'm a lot busier now, for example, and having had one baby I'm probably better at picking up on how the second one is growing and changing.

But a lot of it, again, is how Godzilla was as a baby, and how the Monkey King is. When I published the mandatory welcome-to-the-world-baby Facebook photo after he was born, one of my cousins commented "you've given birth to a fully grown boy!" and - well, yeah. Godzilla was really good at being a baby. The Monkey King, as I've mentioned before, is struggling to be a boy. Maybe because he has his brother to watch - a sort of mediating figure between the Baby World and the Whatever Mummy Is World - or maybe it's more noticeable because of him being born with a full head of hair and even as a big newborn, had that wizened newborn look that made him look old because of the hair.

But I think the main thing making time speed by is the realisation that this is it. There is not going to be another baby coming out of me and so many of the Monkey King's firsts are so closely related to my lasts. I will almost certainly not teach another baby to talk or walk or sit or smile or eat or drink or any of those mind-bogglingly fundamental things. When Godzilla was doing all that, they were my firsts too, and I had a pretty good idea they'd happen again, because it was something stated between the F-word and me, that we wanted at least two.

But now I've got a pretty good idea they won't be happening again to me. I think the only way we'd have three kids is if a cool half-mill fell in our laps in the next couple of years, and a cool half-mill isn't gonna be falling in our laps.

I'm not sad about it exactly. I guess in the best of all possible worlds I'd like three, but we don't live in the best of all possible worlds and my two are the dearest things in any possible worlds. But it does seem to make everything now acutely - acute. And that speeds things up, because existence





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Anonimo ha detto...

It is - fucking weird.

Having kids - becoming a parent - it just sets the weirdness of how short it is and how quickly it passes and questions of 'what's it all about?' in relief...

'We' didn't decide on 'this is the last one'. R did the deciding on all on his own - and I was furiously angry on the basis that although I didn't think a number 6 was actually on the cards I hated having the possibility or dream of a number 6 being removed. We never have been very organised - preferring the telepathic method of communication. And telepathy isn't actually real...

With my baby there has been a bittersweet sense of 'last times' all the way through. Probably why she's really been babied - the rest were shoooed into independence, poor wee souls.

Enjoy. x

Dread Pirate Jessica ha detto...

I'm the one trying to talk the F-word into the snip, which is a blog post on its own.

I'm a little jealous of how many you got to make in an extremely conflicted way.

Anonimo ha detto...

Best not to tell him about R's experience then...
Personally, I put it down to karma kicking the shit out of his nuts for daring to disregard my ambivalence... but, then, I would... ;-)