venerdì, giugno 09, 2017

Gorgeous morning to be wrong

That is all. 

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Anonimo ha detto...

It's how I felt.
Until the Tory arsewipes started cosying with their more extreme Northern Irish brethren.
Mind you - they are finished. Effectively leaderless (FFS May? Wtf? How she has managed to masquerade as a 'normal person level of averagely mundane competent is utterly beyond me). They are riven by division - and would be better splitting into about 3 - maybe 4 - different parties.
Labour - despite the plaudits and the big turn around in fortunes - still couldn't unseat the most unpopular Tory leader and most miserable shower of Tory cunts we have ever seen (and that includes since Thatcher).

The hassle here for me?
That the Scottish Unionists got themselves mobilised. Whether of a Labour or Tory persuasion. In any case... The SNP have been making a bit of a mess here (particularly of Education) - and in any case have been in (devolved government) power for 10 years+. Sturgeon overplayed her hand. Though not as catastrophically as May of course.

May gambled on a landslide majority and fucked up majorly. Sturgeon gambled on a pro-EU message being enough - and failed to put any fight up re Independence at all.

I find myself living in a totally basket case country. Where everyone knows that Brexit is a very very bad thing - but where no one seems able to reverse or unpick any of it.

Where nutters drive white vans into crowds for no other reason than that they are Muslim (and where calling this a terrorist act has attracted a disgusting chorus of right wing approbation). One bastard suggested it was a shame it wasn't a tank that white van man had rented.

I feel sickened by it all.

There's no party for me. I can't bring myself to vote Scottish Labour - not after the Indyref shit. So I 'float'. A little lump of shit in a sea of ordure.

In the middle of it all I got myself a new job (Assis. Gen Sec) - with the Scottish TUC. I'll be concentrating on that - and on trying to support as many migrant workers as I can by whatever means available to me.

Anonimo ha detto...

PS Penguins and Tim Tams (tried both) - Pah! You need a real biscuit. You need a Tunnocks teacake or even caramel wafer.

Dread Pirate Jessica ha detto...

The Tunnocks caramel wafer is on my list! Can you drink coffee through it??

Congrats on the new job . . . at least you're representing yourself and others, even if no party is representing you.