domenica, agosto 20, 2017

Emotional offsets

I've been relieved this week that we came back to Germany via the US, especially as we were there during That Week when the gloves came off after never being convincingly on. A man who built what was political in his career by exploiting white discomfort with black men, and then centred his campaign around white discomfort with Hispanic people, not only won a presidential election but was so beholden to a hardcore voter base of racists that, that week, he couldn't even trot a "Nazis suck, amirite?" when a Nazi killed some nice white lady who had never shown up to a demonstration before . . . and then having to listen to people parse all this as though it had some sort of implication besides "holy shit we live in a racist country".

Combining spending that week in Santa Fe, where as I've mentioned white people seem to think they're pretty woke but which seemed extremely efficiently and permanently segregated on racial and economic lines, and hearing from "liberal" people (God does it irritate me how Americans use that word) about how counter-demonstrators, antifa and BLM types aren't winning their side any friends, as if the endgame here is for white people to be gently urged into disliking black people less and disliking white nationalists promoting ethnic cleansing more - oh wow. That place is fucking la-la-land and not in the cutesy Ryan Gosling way (saw that movie on the plane and it added to my anti-American sentiment).

Anyways, I was relieved to get back here from there, Germany's own social problems and shitty weather and assholes belching second hand smoke all over the places notwithstanding, and that was lucky because if we had headed straight here from Canada, where we had a lovely time, especially Godzilla, it would have been a lot harder. I actually meant to write about what a lovely time we had in Canada rather than kvetch about how hard the US tweaked me out to the point I'm happy to be back in the European hegemon that's dealing with its racial problems by keeping refugees imprisoned in the poorer countries of the south, but well, there you go and now it's time to get the kid to kindergarten. 

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Anonimo ha detto...

Aye. There you go. The lesser-of-two-evils game we (have the luxury) to play.

Though soon I'll just be bobbling along in this island (which so many of my fellow subjects appear to believe was only made for the indigenous white population) with a big wall between me and the EU territories - surrounded by 'repatriate all UK-Indians' wallopers and sundry Trump-arse-licking Nazis - and tarred by the same hellish brush by all who only ever see the GB passport.


Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

I know the pain to SOME degree, since every time I open my mouth in public here I know people are assuming I'm American. I've got a bad case of the cringes too, I guess.

Did you mention you might be able to get an Eire passport? (and perhaps get them for your kids too?)

hitaakademi ha detto...

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Anonimo ha detto...

I'm part way through the Irish application process. Fecking complicated and fecking expensive - but I see it now as an essential.
The kids - they miss out because it's my Gran who was Irish and that means they are a generation too far out to make a claim.
Though Meg will work in Germany - and her fluency (mother tongue which has already seen her appear on German radio) will be her saviour if she wants to pursue a passport there.