giovedì, ottobre 20, 2005

Born to trouble

. . . as the sparks fly upwards. Last night Mr. F and Mlle. B came over for a little while and as it does the lousiness of relationships came up (in token of which, here's a pretty picture of Abelard and Ëloise's tomb, which I used to live around the corner from). I don't even remember relationships. Just a series of blurs of good sex and bad communication that spun out way too long. Although I'm still not %100 I want to get into that again, all the lousiness talk is starting to bother me. People seem to look for problems - can't mesh their bitchiness anymore, and they take each other's personalities as personal insults. Enough of such shit. I'm still drinking too much. Tonight I'm going to see Rodelinda with a non-drinker. Tenterhooks of joy!

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