martedì, ottobre 18, 2005

Dead guys

I went to a Tafelmusik performance last Wednesday at a United church. Does anyone know what the United Church is anyways? I get the feeling it's the gumdrops and rainbows and God-sees-the-little-sparrow-fall sort of religion all the other Christians think is for girls. Anyways, the concert was good, except for the wobbly soprano. Rodelinda next week has a famous counter-tenor singing, Daniel Taylor, that will be fun.

And I realized that not only haven't I been to a show that didn't feature music written by guys who have been dead for a long, long time (unless Berg isn't dead yet, which would leave me indifferent), but also I haven't been listening to anything that wasn't written by dead guys or ladies. When someone asked me yesterday if I was going to the Roots concert yesterday, all I could answer was 'uhhmmm - the Roots - with that drummer, yeah - no, early Italian sacred Baroque'. What the hell? The Roots are awesome.

Anyways, I went to Tafelmusik and I'm not sorry. But I think today everything that goes on my iShuffle or whatever the fuck you call that thing will be by people who aren't dead yet. Except Marvin Gaye. He was gorgeous.

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