lunedì, aprile 03, 2006

And I'll never be paroled

Ho hum. Spent the weekend in London with my cousin's family because she's great and I was neglecting family even worse than friends during the thesis. Pleasant. She has a fantastic baby that has figured out how to snap its fingers at the age of nine months; according to the parents this is exceptional behaviour and I see no reason to disbelieve them.

Otherwise, little enough to say. The problem with a situation like mine is that living in anticipation means not living all that efficiently in the present, which is one of the same drawbacks as living in recrimination, which I've also tried. I believe my plan when all this started again was to ignore it and concentrate on other things, which is not a bad strategy most of the time, but a lousy strategy when the clocks go forward and I lie awake for an extra hour. One thing is undeniable though: it's working wonders creatively . . . I never took the idea seriously before but I suppose some people, one way or another, really can be inspiring muse-y types.

I'm going to the gym and working all those pesky 'thought' things right out of my hair.

4 commenti:

Lady ha detto...

boys are annoying with how much space they take up in our heads...

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

At this point I have to stop blaming the boy and start blaming my head. Because my head is attached to me, so theoritically I've got a little more control over it.

Lady ha detto...

that's an interesting theory.
i am responsible for my own head... i'm not sure about that when hormones get involved. perhaps our poons start thinking for us. doesn't happen as often as guys with their penis', but it must happen from time to time, where we think more with our poons than with our heads.

give your poon a break!

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

If my head and my poon had switched places, then the boy would be occupying my poon, and you see I probably wouldn't have any worries in that case.

Poon. What a word.