mercoledì, aprile 05, 2006

Called his uncle in Jamaica, left a message with the baker

You know, if coffee was any better, I reckon I'd marry it. 9 to 5, or in my case 9 to 5:30, is too much bloody time at work. There are far, far too many things to do in a day to be spending all that time growing like a cancer on a roll-y chair. Before next Thursday, I have to

1. Go to Ottawa for two days
2. Wax - which is more involved than a half-hour appointment, as my disgust with the lack of sugar waxing facilities in Toronto has made me look up a recipe and decide to do it myself - we're talking drugs and tears here
3. Get a haircut
4. Clean my apartment, besides the fridge. My fridge is lovely but everything else is a stinking pile
5. Buy two more bike locks
6. Have lunch with Mummy
7. Make some more weed butter
8. Finish reading about Ghengis Khan, who, as it turns out, is just FANTASTIC - I'd FAR rather make babies with him than Alexander, my old favourite.
9. A soirée with Mr. C
10. Call all the fucking people I haven't been calling because I've been too FUCKING BUSY

Because next Thursday, things get Tantric, and all I'll be good for is making lots of noise. So what I'm saying is, work is for the fucking birds. Being Mistress La Spliffe is a full-time job already. Faaaack. What to do, what to do. I've already tried the rich husband thing - that was even more work than work. Faaaaaaaaack. Now I know why people buy lottery tickets. Anybody need a grifting partner? I'm no Angelica Huston but at least I'm too lazy to murder you and abscond with our ill-gotten booty.

Hee hee hee . . . booty.

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Jiri ha detto...

I agree that Genghis Khan was awesome. What are you reading about him? I've read a book about him long time ago that was originally written by some Russian guy. The interesting thing about it was that it was written from a point of view of couple of people in the Khwarzm Empire. Interesting because I had never heard of Khwarzm before that even though it was a kickass empire too. I've just read that they had dealing with Alexander the Great too - when he ventured that way - different people run the place back then though. Anyway, have fun in Ottawa...

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

I'm reading a book my Mummy got me that a cousin recommended called "Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World"
by Jack Weatherford. It takes a translation effort of 'The Secret History of the Mongols' and turns it into a narrative the author backs up by going on an actual physical trek through the Mongolian locations. It's pretty good, well-written and interesting, but when I manage to clear my schedule of distractions I'm going to research it with more boring and thorough books. And then go to Mongolia. Weeee!

Lady ha detto...

you need to tell me more about this "sugar waxing".
i need to get in on that weed butter.

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

The sugar wax recipe I plan to test out tonight is from Pioneer Thinkingm which is linked on the sideboard in the 'Practicalities' section. But if I were you - in which case, I'd be FUCKING HOT - I'd wait to see how I feel about it before trying it yourself. And of course you can get in on the weed butter.