giovedì, aprile 27, 2006

The Red Dragon is gonna cap some bitch . . .

According to a survey (the website is hilarious – they still promote Atkins which NO ONE promotes anymore besides J*Fish and fresh grocery retailers), 95% of women would rather be slim than have significantly higher IQs. 51% would rather be slim than BOTH never have to worry about money again AND nail the celebrity of their choice. 23% of women spend more time worrying about their weight than their family, and 35% worry about it more than their finances.




If a man wants you all bony he should be doing other men, with their scrawny little bandy legs and flat asses, or else whacking off to Asian cartoons. And if you want yourself all bony, you’re sick.


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You Need A Mess Of Help ha detto...

Daaaaaaamn straight, sista.

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

See, ladies? A lady-liking man agrees.

Masonic Boom ha detto...

I actually started shouting at one of my colleagues yesterday - this totally boney assed pony woman who doesn't have an ounce of fat on her anywhere except her brain (especially considering that the other three girls in the department, including myself, are quite... Reubenesque and buxom, shall we say) - who was going on about how she couldn't possibly have a chocolate biscuit because "if she got fat, she'd *never* get a boyfriend!" at which point I actually started screaming "OH NOES, US FAT GIRLS NEVER EVER HAVE SEX EVER!" and all my colleagues started laughing but honestly.

I'd like not to be so unhealthy. I never used to get winded walking up Streatham Common. I'd like to fit into my clothes. And after I saw the photographs from the last gig, I just thought "UGH! I'm HIDEOUS!" which was awful, because I thought I looked quite cute on the night.

But the cult of thinness, FFS... the only time I ever matched that body ideal was when I was addicted to freaking dexedrine, which I would wager is even more unhealthy than huffing my bingo wings up the escalator.

Sorry, this just hit a nerve because my bandmates and I have had some strange weight issues-related discussions. I did not mean this to be so long.

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

I know what's you're saying - there's being able to bike up a hill (which I can't these days without feeling victimized) and being able to fit into the right clothes. But doesn't the second strike you as a bit ass-backward? The clothes are commodities we buy that have to live up to our expectations, and not vice versa . . .

Anyways, your bony colleague is probably so hungry (and evidently sex-deprived) she can't think about the bitch-assed things she's saying - you should go into her office every day and eat a chocolate biscuit right in front of her, oo-ing and ah-ing over how good it is until her bitch head explodes.

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

And I just looked at the Russian Doll photo of your band - everyone looks all good, certainly no hideousness. Are you full of shit, young lady?

Masonic Boom ha detto...

I'm not in the Russian Doll photo, which is why it's so good. Hah! But no, seriously. I'm in a band with three incredibly attractive women who all have various issues about their weight. WTF?

However, actually, there are no less than FOUR quite reasonable photos of me on my blog today, as I'm trying to do something about my self image.

But anyway, narcissism aside... I've been thinking about this post all weekend. And yeah, it's easy to go "yeah, women are lame because they worry about their weight" but if you rephrased the question... bear with me, I'm going to link this up.

I mean, 95% of human beings would probably choose being *loved* over a higher IQ, better job, more money, etc. I don't think that's necessarily pathetic, I think that's human nature, the desire to be loved.

However, what's fucked up is that women perceive that the only way to *be* loved is to be attractive. Which may be fucked up, but it's reinforced over again. Women aren't valued for their accomplishments (hence why higher IQs and better jobs don't mean jack, because if anything, they're hindrances as men are threatened by women who are smarter/better paid than them) - they're valued for their looks.

And in this culture, pretty = skinny. End of story.

Want to be loved? Don't bother being clever, just be pretty. Want to be pretty? Look in a magazine, look on TV. That means being thin.

And yeah, it is fucked up that we try to change our bodies to fit the commodities, rather than the other way around. That's part of it.

Anyway, sorry, I really am rambling now, but this has been banging around in my head all weekend, like I said.

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

Rambling is the best, and I agree completely. But I don't think it's a contradiction of your point to say that it's a victimization we participate in by accepting. You know what I mean? We get a lot of media messages and reinforcement of these terrible (but lucrative) ideas about love and attractiveness, and it's damn hard not to pay attention - especially when many men measure themselves by the comparative shape of thier appetites and buy into a certain idea of what a presentable piece of woman is for the sake of acceptance - but pay attention we mustn't. And if I yell, it's just because I know we don't have to. I work in advertising, and all the advertisers worry and worry about that very real possibility . . .

BTW, I'm being told men are starting to have the same media-wrought self-perception issues - while I'd be surprised if any man who feels victimized *now* would last five minutes in a woman's situation without blowing his poor head off, maybe we can all get a little more mutually sympathetic.

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

And you look nice. "Fit", as you moon-men Anglos say.

Masonic Boom ha detto...

Seems to me there are two ... erroneous sets of assumptions/associations which may need to be broken.

The first is the association between being loved and being physically attractive.

The second is the association between being attractive and being thin.

The second, I think, is almost 100% media and culturally related. And you're right - we allow ourselves to be victimised by that, and I'm not having it.

But I almost find the first more worrying, because it's the one that's harder for me to get my head around. I'm guilty of it myself - that sexual attraction is based on almost fetishistic aspects of appearance. However, I like to kid myself that those (usually aquired) physical attributes I find attractive are generally symbolic or more mental or aesthetic things. Also, I like to believe that you can find someone more attractive *because* you love them.

My experiences dictate that men don't function that way, though. Bah.

And blimey... advertising is a terrible industry! I should know... I got out of it and went into banking becuase it was more *honest* - which says a lot!

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

Physical attraction and love do intersect, but people aren't always honest about physical attraction.

I think both men and women, in almost equal measure, suffer from finding certain people attractive and not admitting it properly to themselves because not only do they want to appear normal themselves, they want thier *tastes* to appear normal . . .

Physical attraction is one of the most important things in life in terms of listening to the voice inside, and not outside influences. The right time to dump our personas and listen to our unconscious, get visceral and let our bodies do some decision making. But also the time us media-bots, frankly, are least likely to. When I think of men I've gone with because everybody thought that I was lucky to be nailing such a pretty peice of ass, I feel so goddamn embarassed, because they almost always sucked. And I doubt I'm unique in this respect.

Ah, I don't know if I'm making sense.

I do know it's all part of the current that feeds Western advertising. A contented consumer doesn't spend enough money. Best to convince them there's always a problem, with thier looks, thier man, thier solitude, thier diet, thier spelling. (How do you spell 'thier', Lady, I keep forgetting?)