sabato, maggio 27, 2006

The Red Dragon kicks out the jams

Last night I figured out why I've always sorta disliked the Killers and Franz Ferdinand without thinking about it too hard. It's because their music is a big noisy nonsense mess. Amazing, the epiphanies these days. I also discovered that one can dance to the Arcade Fire after several drinks and a solid month of no sex. What else . . . you know, I'm 27 and I've been going out for more than a decade. I understand some things that came out when I was first partying count as retro now. But . . . please . . . can't we leave some things in the grave? In this world full of lovely underplayed music available at the click of a mouse, can't we forswear ressurecting "Love Fool" or any other sugarpop single that was featured on television programmes when I was a teen? Familiarity doesn't make them any more palatable; less so in fact. I respectfully advise anyone in charge of the music for retro nights, whenever they feel the urge to put on "Love Fool", to put on "Paint It Black", "Touch Me", or "Midnight Confessions" instead. They'll cause the same glow of familiarity in all your listeners - well, maybe not "Midnight Confessions", but people will have probably heard it over supermarket PAs - are underplayed on dance floors since they don't come from dancey bands, and people will dance to them. I promise. They'll really like dancing to them. And if you want a female vocal, just put on the goddamn Jackson Five. Fucking "Love Fool". Make me wanna puke.

Okay, night night.

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Melissa ha detto...

"Love Fool" by The Cardigans? Funny thing is, the rest of that album is soo not sugarpop. A certain someone we both know who loves music introduced me to them. Can I mention first names on this? I think you know who I mean though..?

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

As far as I'm concerned first names are fine, but they've been known to not be for the people concerned. Maybe you can just use initials. Was it Mr. N?

Mind you, we both know kazillions of people who love music.

Melissa ha detto...

Close! It's Mr. S, an associate of Mr. N. If we're talking about the same Mr. N - who has a fondness for South America??

Mistress La Spliffe ha detto...

We are indeed. Mr. S and Mr. N together make a great musical household.